City Of Houston’s “Not-So-Good” Leadership: Lynn Phipps

HOUSTON-While Mayor Sylvester Turner and his transition team can be seen on television presenting a positive image for the City Of Houston – Lynn Phipps and his boys do what they want, when they want and leave out common decency in their making of decisions.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us that you should “want for your brother or sister what you want for yourself.” Not Lynn Phipps. He has been morally irresponsible in his position as a leader over at District 9 – Street & Drainage Division. He has left a lot of people in disgust and ruined their chances for advancement. I will not keep quietlyn-phipps, when I know this man is not performing his duties as Manager. He is earning nearly a $100,000 salary or more as a manager for The City Of Houston will not give the citizens of Houston their monies worth.

Tall, light-skinned and clean cut, Lynn Phipps gave me the impression that he don’t give a dam about many of his employees. I have never seen him try to nurture or encourage an employee toward excellence. I asked him to place a hedge of protection around the newly hired temporary employees, due to some of the full-time employees harassing and bullying them. His reply to me was “I don’t think temps need any special protection.” Lynn Phipps walk around the building at 5900 Teague with his nose stuck-up high in the air as though he is better than the rest of us. He appears to be totally disconnected from the affairs of his employees and relies mainly on his Assistant Manager Tellas Johnson and others to inform him on what’s going on at Teague. I’ve seen him Downtown at 611 Walker having one-on-one conversation with female acquaintances, which seems to be his cup-of-tea.

Why would you the Manger, and Shanna Whitfield a subordinate, be in your office for an hour, with the door to your office closed? What was the nature of your conversation with her? Is this standard behavior from management? Is this covered in the Policy and Procedure Manual?

I say this because the nature of why I’m writing these posts is because of Lynn Phipps gross negligence to lead with fairness, equity and justice, as it relates to the Street & Drainage Policies and Procedure Manual as well as the City Ordinances. This manager have severely deviated from “the policy,” which is designed to eliminate major issues from occurring within the workplace. But I doubt if Phipps and Johnson have studied the policies in it’s entirety because the policies are not being implemented in the spirit and capacity that they were intended, in order to serve the employees.

I understand that an employee was shot and killed by a woman because she was being harassed on a regular basis by another male employee. She eventually became fed up with making reports to her management, who refused to put a stop to the unwarranted behavior in the workplace. So one day, she decided to take matters into her own hands and unfortunately she shot the individual with a firearm who was causing her discomfort at work. What would cause an employee to turn disgruntled or bitter? Is it the madness they have to endure on a day-to-day basis, while working within your zoo-like, savage environment?

Im having a very hard time understanding how a so-called “Christian Minister”, working as a manager for the City Of Houston, could rail-road and rob innocent employees of the same opportunity he received when he was climbing up the ladder many years ago. You know that I came to work everyday and gave the City my best and now I’m fired because Lynn Phipps had a stomach ache. That stomach ache is “Woods” “the troublemaker” at District 9. One day in a meeting with Mrs. Gray, Nick Gatlin and Tellas Johnson, I was told by Tellas Johnson that “Phipps likes to get rid of his stomach ache!

Why didn’t you utilize your “power to fire” when I submitted a well written complaint against one of your most deviant employees known as “Big Sexy?” Who don’t know that Tonia Williams was and may still be addicted to Kush? You allowed her violent and niggerish conduct to continue but ignored it. Lynn Phipps decided to move me from Newcastle to 5900 Teague instead of reprimanding “Big Sexy.” The woman have cursed out the Citizens, Supervisors and employees while on the clock she is still working for the City getting paid to be a savage. It’s apparent to me she knows something about a Supervisor(s) that they don’t want to come out. So are you afraid to move on her Phipps? I have watched Lynn Phipps, Tellas Johnson, Mishelle Gray and other managers break dam near every aspect of the Policy and Procedure Manual as well as the City Ordinances drafted by our Local City Council and adopted by the Mayor.

They put on a stellar performance in front of people like Deputy Director, Erik Dargan. They hate for any information about wrong doing to get past their “chain of command.” That is the real reason why Woods’ assignment has been terminated and not because of the lie that I had “poor work performance.” Lynn Phipps is the real bitter one because he knows that I was not afraid to make reports to OIG and Security about the mis-management and people sleeping on the clock.


I have studied Theology for the past 20 years and I have been amongst some the best Christian Ministers found in the City Of Houston. I believe I know when I’m looking at and witnessing God’s Anointing on a man or woman but in my opinion, Lynn Phipps do not have that anointing. We can not be morally bankrupt and claim to represent Jesus or Muhammad. 

Why would you, a man of the Cloth, a member of the Clergy be found at HOOTERS of all places during your lunch break. Can you tell me why you up there so much Mr. Phipps. Is the food that good or do you have a taste for something else? Don’t you have the wisdom from on high that would guide you to eat in an environment that would be a respectable place? You and Tellas are two married men. Why Hooters? What’s in Hooters that would draw you two in there on a regular basis? Shame on you! Do your wife know where you at during your lunch time? Do Erik Dargan know where you at during your lunch time? Do the Mayor know where you and Tellas are sitting for 2 hours while on lunch? Is that in the Policy and Procedure Manual that you guys can be gone for 2 hours at a time?

Lynn Phipps should read this scripture and take heed:

“Woe to the shepherds who are destroying and scattering the sheep of My pasture!” declares the LORD. Therefore thus says the LORD God of Israel concerning the shepherds who are tending My people: “You have scattered My flock and driven them away, and have not attended to them; behold, I am about to attend to you for the evil of your deeds,” declares the LORD.…

I understand Lynn has aspirations to be a Christian Minister. But it seems to be a cover so that he can practice his dirty activities in the name of Jesus Christ. Jesus don’t know you Mr. Phipps. You are lying if you say that you are representing Jesus. Look at your leadership Phipps. You have scattered the sheep. You moved Bear to Airline, Joe Tyler to Newcastle, Mrs. Gray to Airline, Ronald Bellinger to Airline and you Fired me for no real reason. Can’t you see that you are about to be judge by God for destroying and scattering his people. You have not attended to them as I stated earlier. Because you don’t care, nor do you have any love in your heart for God’s people. Their not your people to do to them as you please.

I hope those of you who know what the hell is going on, will stand up like real men and women of Christ Jesus and tell the truth. For the Truth shall set you free! I’m glad I’m no longer working within that environment. I can not be your slave for the next 5, 10, 15, or 20 years waiting on some dam Pension monies to build up, so I can cash in big one day, while my soul dies because I compromised my principles and belief for money that no longer have any real value.

The next time you get up in your pulpit and open your mouth to your congregation, you should remember what I have shared with you in this article. Any member at Burrell Chappell Church in Angleton, Texas – should take a closer look at who you are listening to when Lynn Phipps is giving his sermon on Sunday. Is it the spirit of God coming through him or the spirit of something else?



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