More Trouble at Teague, Employee Arrested for Aggravated Robbery

HOUSTON- On January 1, 2017, Perry Smith, a former City Of Houston employee, was arrested for Aggravated Robbery with a Deadly Weapon (Felony) by the Houston Police Department. Assistant District Attorney stated that Perry Smith exhibited a gun when he robbed another man known as Percy Johnson. The Assistant District Attorney also mentioned in the court records that the victim, Percy Johnson was in fear of imminent bodily injury and possible death when the City Of Houston Employee robbed him this past Sunday.

Perry Smith was a full-time employee with the City Of Houston’s Public Works and Engineering – Street & Drainage Division. His job title was Equipment Worker III and he reported to work everyday at 5900 Teague – Division 9, which is already “under fire” with complaints to Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) for discrimination. Lynn Phipps, the manager at Teague, has failed to maintain control within his District, in spite of the high-level of confidence and praise given to him by the Deputy Director, Erik Dargan.

It seems to be a preference for the Managers at Teague to hire mainly, if not all, employees with felony convictions or one who have been incarcerated for long periods of time. To my knowledge, Perry’s criminal offense was not the worse. There is also a record of a convicted murderer currently working on the Finishing Crew at 5900 Teague.

I thought to myself, why would Perry rob someone if he is currently employed with the City Of Houston? Is it because he is a hardcore criminal and will never “fly straight?” Or is it because of a deeper problem that The City face with low paying wages?

I often heard Perry complain to management that he was struggling financially and really needed some overtime monies to help him pay his monthly expenses. I even witnessed Mishelle Gray, a former supervisor at Teague, prevent Perry Smith from obtaining overtime when it was available to everyone, just because of a rumor that was started by another employee. Sadtrice Gray called Perry Smith a pervert and she also repeated this language to Mishelle Gray. From then on, Perry Smith was “blocked” from overtime.

This is another violation that “The City” will never acknowledge nor take action against those found in violation because OIG, Lynn Phipps and others are PROTECTING some wrongful acts that could possibly lead to a civil lawsuit being filed against the Government Employee.

Recently, Lynn Phipps relocated several employees to different City Of Houston facilities (Newscastle and Airline), in an effort to “clean house”. Soon after he relocated Bear, Joe, Mrs. Gray and Ronald Bellinger, the Street Sweeper crew, who is responsible for cleaning the streets from Downtown to Clear Lake, all were pushed out of their jobs and some were even forced to resign.

“Retaliation is an adverse action that is a federal violation when used in the workplace.”

Getting rid of people is the normal action taken by Lynn Phipps, when he has a stomach ache, according to Tellas Johnson, Phipps’ assistant manager. On October 28, 2016, Lynn Phipps took adverse action against a temporary employee based upon a clever lie that he was Non-Productive. The employee had been working for nearly 12 months above his classification (job title) which is also against City Of Houston policies.

So if one were seeking to really fix the problem at 5900 Teague, then one would need to begin looking at OIG, Deputy Director, City Council Members, and Mayor Sylvester Turner, which could also get you fired if you are an employee.

Just look at me, I reported folk sleeping on the job and other things and I am now un-employed because Lynn Phipps terminated my assignment just 4 days after I made a report.

Other complaints made against the District and it’s Managers Lynn Phipps include the long visits to Hooters, unfair treatment, harassment, bullying, and creating a hostile work environment, to name a few.

(Court Records show that on the day of November 18, 2005, Perry Gene Smith was convicted of his first Aggravated Robbery, which was also classified as a Felony offense also.)


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