Copper Thief

District 9 has no shortage of wild and crazy things that go on throughout each work day. The Excavationimg_0290 Crew was working on an assignment located at 4141 Victory Drive. Antoine, one of the Operators had just popped another water line while digging up the street with the Gradall. This cut the water supply to the local beauty shop. Customers were running out with chemicals in their hair trying to see what happen.

The roads that you drive your bwl-lead-water-lines-38e692e90ec5c85dvehicles on have copper running underneath in some of these neighborhoods. The Water Department use copper to transport your water to your homes. This copper has some value to it if sold to the right entity. While we were waiting for the Water Department to show up to fix the water line that Antoine popped, an opportunity presented itself to one of the employees. Ronald Ballinger, knowing that the copper has value seized on the opportunity. He took the copper from the hole and quickly placed the copper in his City Of Houston vehicle.

“Ronald Bellinger is a known drunk!”

I can’t understand why a full-time employee who has been with the City Of Houston for many years would steal copper out of a hole and sell it. Is it because the City doesn’t pay that much monies for their employees to survive on or has the employee mis-managed his money because of his addiction to alcohol. Ronald Bellinger leaves the facility at 5900 Teague and runs straight to the ‘corner’ in the Acres Homes community. He’s on the corner in his City Of Houston work uniform drinking beer with his buddies. Did he steal the copper to buy more beer for him and his buddies on the corner?

“I don’t know if he sold the copper but I do know he’s dead wrong for stealing them folks copper!”

The manager Lyn Phipps knows about this behaviour and this employee is still working for the City Of Houston. So let Phipps know you disapprove of his empoyees stealing from the City and you want action taken against Ronald Bellinger immediately.


Department Of Public Works And Engineering

Street and Drainage Division

Erik K. Dargan, Deputy Director

611 Walker, Houston, Texas 77002

Phone: 832.395.2500



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