Sleeping On the Job

City Of Houston Public Works & Engineering Department

antoine-holmanYou’re looking at another full-time City Of Houston Employee breaking the cardinal rule, “Sleeping On The Job!” Mr. Antoine Holman, Equipment Worker IV, was found in a deep coma-like sleep like Sadtrice Gray during a regular work day out near Fondren Rd. area and he is still employed for the City Of Houston.

Mr. Holman is notoriously known for “tearing up sh_t” from water lines to gas lines!

In this case, it is known that it was hot outside and Mr. Holman fell asleep while getting cooled off in a City Of Houston vehicle.

Let the the managers over there at 5900 Teague know that you will not tolerate Employees Sleeping On the Job.

Here are the managers names: Lyn Phipps, Tellas Johnson, and Randy

Also, let Erik Dargan, Deputy Director know that you want more out of their employees and you want action taken against this kind of behavior in the workplace.


Department Of Public Works And Engineering

Street and Drainage Division

Erik K. Dargan, Deputy Director

611 Walker, Houston, Texas 77002

Phone: 832.395.2500


What is your opinion regarding the Taxpayers paying for employees sleeping on the job and the supervisors allowing their favorite employees to sleep?


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