Sleeping On the Job

City Of Houston Public Works & Engineering Department

  • Saturday, October 15, 2016
  • Location: 9707 Ravensworth
  • Truck/Vehicle# 30521

You’re looking at a full-time City Of Houston Employee breaking the cardinal rule, “Sleeping On The Job!” Lil Girl, her knick-name, was found in a deep coma-like sleep during overtime and she is still employed for the City.

This employee’s supervisor Mishelle Gray was on the jobsite during this incident and is known for tolerating this type of unproductive behavior. Sadtrice “Lil Ghurl” or “Black Ghurl” Gray has also been late to work so many times that it’s alleged that Mrs. Gray will just clock her in from her computer to protect her from being written up.

In this case, it is unknown if the employee had suffered from a medical emergency that caused her to fall asleep or wether she had taken any medication.

Let the the managers over there at 5900 Teague that you will not tolerate Employees Sleeping On The Job.

Here are the managers names: Lyn Phipps, Tellas Johnson, Randy, and Mishelle Gray

What is your opinion regarding the Taxpayers paying for employees sleeping on the job and the supervisors allowing their favorite employees to sleep?


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  1. mike badzioch 8 months ago

    I’d like more information, like her background story, before making a judgement. She was also working overtime which is beyond normal ‘normal’ hours. Providing HR assistance might be more cost-efficient in the long run than knee jerk firing. Just don’t know at this point.

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