Sex in Exchange for Job Security

HOUSTON-The morale in some of the City Of Houston’s workplaces has become bankrupt! I really don’t give a dam ‘who’s bangin’ who,’ but when your soap opera like conduct begins to interfere with ‘my chances’ to get where I need to be in life, then I considered that the time where I need to speak up and out against your actions!

There is a lot of sexual relations going on with management and their subordinates, as well as employee-employee relations. Some of these girls just need extra monies to pay their rent. They find someone with a few extra dollars to burn ($300) and a deal is made. I understand all of that. But when your career is “fast tracked” where you go from working out in the field to working in the corporate office, all because “you are too cute,” then that’s something we need to look into. Don’t you think so?

I had asked Erik Dargan, Deputy Director what was Mayor Sylvester Turner’s vision for the morale within the workplace. His answer was less than thorough and aloof.

“So I figured maybe I’m the only one that thinks like this.”

There are many more Managers, Section Chiefs, and Supervisors going around knocking-off loose women who are seeking security but I will not list their names at this time. These guys are not real managers and supervisors. They are like little low-level-wanna-be PIMPS!

I’m providing the reader with a partial list of rumored inappropriate sex between Management and their Subordinates. Practically none of them will admit to any of these allegations but they know and everybody else knows what’s going on up there within the City’s Culture.


  • Supervisor Gayle Banks slept with Sadtrice Gray.
  • Supervisor Gayle Banks had Shawna “Big Booty” Whitfield in his office while everybody was gone. Whatever they were doing in there caused him to fall backwards out of his chair and hit his head on the wall.
  • Shawna “Big Booty” Whitfield was twerking for Tellas Johnson and another Supervisor inside the building at Teague.
  • Lyn Phipps had Shawna “Big Booty” Whitfield in his office for an hour with his door closed.
  • Sadtrice Gray slept with Assistant Manager Harold “Big Tate” from the Water Department. Some say he won’t come out of his office unless he’s chasing after a female.
  • Sadtrice and Big Sexy slept with each other.
  • Sadtrice Gray slept with Dewey “Slicky D” Pruitt.
  • Dewey “Slicky D” Pruitt’s car was spotted at Jimmie’s apartment after both of them took off work.
  • Dewey is married but have been sleeping with the new female employees that come in from A-1 Personnel.
  • Dewey slept with Shawna “Big Booty” Whitfield.
  • Lyn Phipps is married but can’t stay away from Hooters.

Let the Deputy Director – Erik Dargan and Mayor Sylvester Turner know that you want a full-scale investigation and action taken against this kind of behavior in the workplace.


Department Of Public Works And Engineering

Street and Drainage Division

Erik K. Dargan, Deputy Director

611 Walker, Houston, Texas 77002

Phone: 832.395.2500



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