City Of Houston Worker Says:

“Managers At Teague Are A Network of Corruption”

Do We Need Security to Deal with Woods?

HOUSTON-It has been conveyed to me that my name has been brought up in several meetings conducted by former management and employees at 5900 Teague, even though I have not been employed theirthe-greenhills-police-chief-fire-chief-mayor-and-council-are-7qjnfn-clipart for nearly 2 weeks. I hear that some of them are saying that “security needs to be put in place to deal with ‘Woods’ from returning to the building and going postal!” Why? Why is security necessary to deal with me? Have you seen me around the building or at the building since my termination? Have you seen me driving pass the building? Absolutely not! So why is security needed?

Security is needed from their vantage point because my former managers Lyn Phipps, Tellas Johnson, and Mishelle Gray and even some of you ignorant employee(s) desire to cast me in a light as someone who wants to bring violence in the workplace. Wrong! You did that already with some of the people you chose to hire.

I want to say to management and employees that are working at 5900 Teague right now, that your fear of me is unfounded, cooked-up, and counterfactual. I have no desire to harm, injure, nor endanger any employee or any member of management because of my recent termination. But maybe your feelings of a threat coming to you is an extreme feeling of guilt arising from within you. Are these feelings of guilt derived from your wrongdoing you have caused me to suffer since the 12 months I have been employed with The City Of Houston. There is a lot more that I could say about this but I will wait for the appropriate time to reveal it all.

Inappropriate Conduct in the Workplace

I want to point your attention to your own inappropriate conduct in the workplace. The lies, extreme deception, abuse of power, and how you continue to sweep known violations committed by full-time employees under the rug because they are members of your “network” of corrupt behavior.

I want you to think about whom you vouched for and hired as full-time employees. Some of them are convicted murderers (“on paper”) that you, management, have bragged about to me. Many of them are convicted felons, that you are very comfortable working around each day you come in to earn your pay for you and your family. Do you that one day you will need to call security for some of your convicts that have taken someone’s life, Mr. Phipps, Tellas Johnson and Mishelle Gray?

Your Finisher/Field Supervisor, Elmo was involved in a fist-fight at a job site where they were suppose to be laying concrete and he is still working for The City Of Houston, with no action taken against him, nor was the fight ever reported to management (swept under the rug). Who kept it a secret? Why wasn’t the fight reported? Why wasn’t Elmo given a Reminder I, Reminder II, or a Decision Making Leave? Is it because he is a part of your exclusive network of management favorites?

Why do you tolerate that type of known violence in the workplace but you want to vilify me, a family man, who have no track record of harassing any employees, nor have I attempted to impede any employee from doing their job. Unlike Ronald Bellinger and Tona “Big Sexy” Williams, who continues to this day to bully and intimidate temporary employees. Some of these temps are in fear of loosing their jobs, so they refuse to fight back in the appropriate manner? Did you think about writing up these two bullies or did you think about notifying security that they could be causing potential violence in the workplace, right now? No, you didn’t think about that because then you would really be doing your job.

“You tolerate this insane behavior because you are the real problem in my judgement. You have an environment that says anything goes.” 

You have a work environment where upper-management gets to sleep with their subordinates, knowing this not only is unacceptable but against the Deputy Director’s Policies. I know which Supervisor at Teague had sex with Sadtrice “Lil Ghurl” Gray, a skilled-laborer. I know Sadtrice also had sex with a Section Chief who was demoted or fired for his inappropriate sexual relations with her. But this is all acceptable behavior to you!

Mr’s Gray’s Indecent Proposals

264879_224098364279848_5478177_nMany of your employees lie on one another including you Mishelle Gray. You have lied on me to some of my co-workers. You have even tried to coerce me to lie to upper management. Of course you will deny it! Mrs. Gray, I’d like to know did you write up any reports against yourself when your behavior for many years have been less than stellar. According to the stories City employees have told me about, that you were performing oral sex with Supervisors and smoking crack on your way up to becoming a supervisor? There are many employees who claim to know your reputation and history. It’s all out there to be discovered, if one was dig deep enough into her background. Have you forgotten where you come from? Like you told me, “If the shoe fits, wear it!” 

Disrespect of God’s Law, Director’s Policies, and Common Decency

You have broken nearly all of the Texas Ordinances that were written by our Houston City Council-members and adopted by the former Mayor Anise Parker and our current Mayor Sylvester Turner, whom I feel would be absolutely disgusted if he knew the real truth about Lyn Phipps, Tellas Johnson, Mishelle Gray and others. 

You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Why won’t you speak up and tell the truth. Is it because the truth has no place in you? In the book of Psalms it reads; “they hated him without a cause.” Who is they? Is the “they” referred to in Psalms the ruling leadership and their dumb followers attacking and plotting evil against the righteous and God’s Elect. 

You terminated my employment and now you’re busy rallying the employees at 5900 Teague to write statements about “feeling afraid of me or in fear of me harming them.” Is it because you are afraid of the TRUTH that I have in my mouth, that condemns your wicked and low-down rotten behavior? You have exposed yourselves to be nothing but a group of lying hypocrites and you know that you are undeserving of the positions of leadership that you are currently functioning in as manager and supervisor. 

I’m serving notice on all of you that call yourselves managers and supervisors. You either come clean and serve the people under you or step down and retire. Let someone else who is more deserving of the position occupy those positions of leadership that you have proven to be unqualified and unfit to lead, or God will soon sit you down Himself!



Public Policy Director,

Roderick Muhammad

Sit Yourself In Heaven At Once!

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