Kush On the Clock!

HOUSTON-You know I’ve seen the News where Channel 13 was showing people passed out on the ground over there at Herman Park, situated in the City Of Houston’s World Renown Medical Center. They say it was chaos in Hermann Park but I’m here to tell you that there is still chaos going kush_c0-124-476-401_s885x516on but it’s not at Herman Park, it’s in The City Of Houston’s workplace. Anybody who have been around for many years know that there is one City-worker who has a serious problem with smoking Kush on the clock.

She works at Newcastle as an Equipment Worker III and at first glance she can be a really nice person to get-a-long with. But I soon discovered another side to Tonia “Big Sexy” Williams when she stopped at her favorite store on Old Spanish Trail and Scott Street, located in Southeast Houston. She purchased some Kush one morning while taking me to a City Of Houston sponsored Traffic Safety Class.

I have been blown away about the massive amount of Kush-related incidents that have occurred on the job, that I have listed below some of Big Sexy’s actions and her disposition on carrying out regular job functions.

BIG SEXY’S KUSH-RELATED INCIDENTS:12079554_1515874935397508_8764197151198884355_n

  • Tonia Williams was instructed to take me to a defensive driving class and return to pick me up when my class was over with. When I got into the City Of Houston vehicle, she immediately started with saying;

“This ain’t my mother-fucking job to babysit grown motherfuckers!”

When my defensive driving class was completed, I sent a text to Tonia Williams and got no response from her. Then I called her and she answered and said; “I’m sitting outside” and hung up the phone. When I got into the truck she said to me that;

“You’ll was gone have to catch a mother-fucking cab because I started to leave you’ll mother-fucking ass up here and go home!”

While at a convenient store located at Almeda and West Orem, I witnessed “Big Sexy” get into a confrontation with two hispanic males in the store. I thought that to be unusual behavior but I remained silent! On this occasion I noticed that “big sexy” was of slurred speech, reddish eyes and walking in an almost drunken state. After cursing at the store patrons, she then asked the store clerk;

“Let me have a few dollars so that I can buy a pack of black-n-mild cigarettes.

What’s crazy about this whole thing is that the Managers, Assistant Managers, Section Chiefs, and Supervisors know this madness is still going on and they take a blind-eye to this kind of behavior in the workplace. The manager over there is Lyn Phipps and he don’t give a dam about his employees. I reported this woman to them in a fully-written statement and they retaliated against me by moving me to a different facility after I was just getting to know my co-workers. She is over at Newcastle right now and probably still smoking that Kush!

Let the Deputy Director – Erik Dargan know that you want the 2nd Chance Program not to be abused by rogue employees and managers and you want action taken against this kind of behavior in the workplace.


Department Of Public Works And Engineering

Street and Drainage Division

Erik K. Dargan, Deputy Director

611 Walker, Houston, Texas 77002

Phone: 832.395.2500

Email: eric.dargan@houstontx.gov



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