Developer Addresses the Black Media About How to Give Their Readers More through Digital Newspaper and Magazine Apps

HOUSTON, Texas – June 26, 2015- In just over four years, over 100 million digital downloads – including magazines, newspapers, corporate publications and apps, have been delivered to readers and customers through Google Play, Apple App Store, Amazon and Microsoft servers.

If today’s major Enterprise companies such as Time Inc., New York Times, Hearst Corporation, US Weekly, Vogue, National Geographic, The Oprah Magazine, Martha Stewart Living, and Rolling Stone Magazine, are using new technology to publish digital editions of their publications, where and why is The Black Press moving so slow to embrace the new digital?

Publishers and brands are now able to drive pre-existing as well as new readership, optimize their revenue, and customer loyalty with over 30% of Americans who are now tablet users and owners. Optimized reading on iPhone 5 and Android devices, sample free articles within an issue, allowing readers to view publications on a website are just a few interactive features designed to entice readers to purchase Newspaper and Magazine Apps.

Publishers are also able to offer their readers a “better than print” reading experience that combine the visual impact of print design, the flexibility of the tablet format, the immediacy of touch interaction, and the engagement of interactive elements such as Live Streaming of Video (considered premium content and can be monetized from within the application), social networking sharing, custom html, hyperlinks, pan and zoom, slideshows, forms and buttons, audio, video, animated info-graphics and 360-degree views.

Once a Publisher decides to build their application, the next step is the luxury of distributing your app directly to the Apple App Store, Google Play, Microsoft, and/or Amazon’s Server. Publishers are giving options to offer their Newspaper App for FREE or as a Subscription. Your Newspaper will then be available in the Apple App Store in over 150 countries, once it is approved by Apple or Google Play.

In addition, you could offer the newspaper in 40 languages, and will have the ability to handle international payment, currency conversion, and taxation — making it easy for Your Newspaper to expand it’s business by selling apps to millions of users around the world. With Your Newspaper being distributed on a broader scale, your brand will be exposed to 300,000,000 million weekly visitors once you are in the Apple App Store.

More advantages when you decide to Go Digital! will allow you to offer readers access to your weekly or monthly content across multiple ‘smart’ devices including adding; Push Notifications for keeping users informed with timely and relevant content, Newsstand to deliver magazine and newspaper content, including free subscriptions, to iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad users.

In-App Purchase lets you sell a variety of items directly within your free or paid app, including premium content, virtual goods, and subscriptions. Digital Analytics to measure how reader’s are interacting with certain content on the app.

Publishers should develop a detailed construction plan and ask themselves questions as to; 1. What needs to be built and how these things will be put together? 2. Figure out the tasks that need to be done and what dependencies exist between these tasks? 3. Set-up a Predictable Construction Schedule 4. Set-up a Budget for Construction? and 5. How to do the design for software?

My primary interest is with the “The Black Press” who is reaching 10’s of millions of subscribers every week with a target market audience with a buying power of $1.1 Trillion dollars or more. I say it’s beyond time to reap if we would unite and take the steps to develop a comprehensive plan to Go Digital before it is too late!

For more detailed information about product features, pricing and language versions, please Additional information about Digital Publishing Suite is on the Digital Publishing Blog. Connect with the team on Facebook at and on Twitter at

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