Local Organizing Committee Report in Houston

The Local Organizing Committee has been the central organ for planning and mobilizing the constituents from around the United States as far back as 1995, when the Historic Million Man March occurred.

Houston’s Local Organizing Community is busy planning for the Justice or Else Gathering on 10.10.15 in Washington, D.C. I attended the LOC Meeting here in the City of Houston and learned that many are very concerned with a change in society. The LOC and all of the participants had a strong spirit to work together to accomplish all of it’s goals.

Student Minister Robert Muhammad was present and gave an opening statement about the Justice or Else Gathering. He discussed the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendment of The Constitution and how it will directly impact the lives of African-Americans throughout America. He also encouraged the participants to prepare for the 10.10.15 Gathering but also prepare to return back to their city to continue working the agenda for the advancement of the community.

There were various groups established such as Social Media, Transportation, Joshua Generation (youth), Media Relationships, Medical Response, Logistics, Marketing & Promotions, Community Outreach, Fundraiser, Legal, and Registration. Coordinators Eric R. Muhammad, Shareefah Muhammad, Joshua Muhammad, Rhonda Muhammad, Joseph Muhammad, from each group reported on their progress being made throughout the week. #justiceorelse


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