In an exclusive television broadcast today on “Good Morning America“, music-enthusiasts got a look at One Direction’s new music video for their song “Drag Me Down”. This story gets me so excited because just a year ago, my business colleague Mark Goldstein from New York was pitching this idea to someone I know who worked for NASA and was involved with training many of the astronauts.

Although the ideas Mark Goldstein shared with Reginald Garner failed to launch, I am more encouraged to believe that Mark was on to something really “BIG”! I remember Mark’s vision involving former Heavyweight Boxing Champ Riddick Bowe to Recording Artists going into space. I guess the ideas sound somewhat crazy but they were right on time.

One Direction fulfilled Mark’s vision to put an artist in space. Here are some of the highlights from their new music video.

  • The group are wearing actual NASA space suits for the video that was shot at the agency’s Johnson Space Center Houston in Houston.
  • Filming took place around the NASA T-38 aircraft jets that are used by astronauts to train for spaceflight,
  • and the NASA WB-57 high altitude research aircraft, a specialized aircraft that is used for high atmosphere research work.
  • Payne trains inside the replica of the International Space Station replica, while Tomlinson drives a Space Exploration Vehicle, a type of rover that could be used to explore the surface of Mars.
  • Horan was filmed on the partial gravity simulator, and Styles met Robonaut, a model of the human-like robot that is now aboard the International Space Station.
  • One Direction also filmed in a full scale replica of the Orion spacecraft, NASA’s vehicle in development for crewed missions to deep space.

The lesson I walk away with is that you want to explore ideas for viability. Test the idea and see if you can turn your idea into an actual product that can be pushed into the marketplace for consumption. You never know if your idea will launch you into orbit like One Directions new song launched them to #1 on the charts.


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