“I Got 8 Felonies!”

This post is to address ongoing issues with a “rogue employee” that is currently employed by the City Of Houston – Public Works and Engineering Division. We desired for management to address Tonia Williams’ outrageous behavior while on the clock but instead of things getting better, we’ve only seen an increase with her unacceptable conduct. We first accused her back in 2015 of harassment and creating an intimidating, disruptive, hostile and offensive work environment. A full statement was given to a supervisor known as Tellas Johnson and Lynn Phipps along with verbal complaints.

A complaint was even made to the Office Of Inspector General, a division of the City Of Houston for dealing with these kinds of compliance violations and no response has been given in regard to Tonia Williams. So maybe the public can formulate their own assessment about Tonia Williams after listening to her talk about her 8 felonies, hitting someone with a sledge hammer and other graphic confessions.

Play the audio below


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