Rogue Employee Foster Hostile Environment

(This is the first complaint that was written to downsize the workplace harassment I experienced for nearly 12 months. To my knowledge the managers refused to reprimand this employee. So, we’ve decided to post the complaint letter publically so that those who are interested can have the opportunity to review the extreme behavior carried-out by this City Of Houston employees.)

This letter is to address what I believe to be harassment and creating an intimidating, disruptive, hostile and offensive work environment by a full-time co-worker known as Tona Williams.

I have come to the City of Houston as a temporary employee hired by A1 Staffing on the date of September 8, 2015 on a Tuesday. I started my assignment being trained by a City of Houston employee known as; Daniel Garcia and felt like everything with my training was going very good. Just as soon as I was getting settled into my new position, I began to feel very uncomfortable with one individual that was on the crew who has been very persistent with trying to tell me “how to do my job.”

I wanted to believe that this constant daily attack from Tona Williams would stop but she has escalated her unwarranted actions toward me practically since I began my assignment with the City of Houston as a temporary worker. I have avoided confronting her regarding how she has made me feel, which is extremely uncomfortable.

I write this letter with hope that someone will assist me with this matter. Below you will find multiple offenses that have occurred directly or indirectly toward me from this employee’s actions.

List of Altercations Caused by Tona Williams:

1. At a job site located on Ebtide, I had been watching and observing the entire process of the excavating and the cement crew. “Big Sexy”, whom I later found out that her real name is Tona Williams said, “Pat ain’t got no motherfucking real help out here”, referring to another temporary worker named Coji and myself. She then called the two of us over into a circle and tried to explain herself further. She then turned to me and said; “What I mean is you’ll don’t know nothing cause you’ll new”. She said; “You don’t no know nothing cause you just got here”, referring to me. I thought at that time it would be best not to respond to her and I walked away.

2. Tona Williams instructed another employee to make me sweep off the trailer while I and others were monitoring the excavation process. She said to Daniel that she always has to sweep the trailer so I need to be accountable for sweeping the trailer. So, I swept the trailer clean and returned back to help out with the excavation crew as I am usually found doing.

3. I was cleaning the worksite with a push broom and Tona Williams walks over and instructs me to stop sweeping. So now I am confused as to why she is telling me to stop working when clearly the pavement needed to be swept.

4. I was taken to the store to warm up my lunch by this woman who identified herself as “big sexy”. While at the convenient store located at Almeda and West Orem, I witnessed her get into a confrontation with two hispanic males in the store and thought that to be unusual behavior but I remained silent. After cursing at the store patrons, she then asked the store clerk for several dollars so that she can purchase a pack of black-n-mild cigarettes. On this occasion I noticed that “big sexy” was of slurred speech, reddish eyes and walking in an almost drunken state.

5. While at the mechanic shop around my 2nd day working, Tona Williams barged into the building and began demanding that I come out of the building to help her with a task. The problem was she had been missing for a greater part of the day and I was cautious about taking on instructions from someone after my crew leader had instructed me to wait on him to return from picking up another truck from a different facility.

6. Tona Williams was instructed to take me to a defensive driving class as well as return to pick me up when I my class was over with. When I got into the company vehicle she immediately started with saying; “This ain’t my motherfucking job to babysit grown motherfuckers”. She stopped at her favorite store located on OST and Scott Street to buy herself some “Kush” (cigarettes) to smoke. When my defensive driving class was completed, I sent a text to Tona Williams and got no response from her. Then I called her and she answered and said; “I’m sitting outside” and hung up the phone. When I got into the truck she said to me that; “You’ll was gone have to catch a motherfucking cab because I started to leave you’ll motherfucking asses up here and go home”!

7. While on the job site located at 45 Freeway (South) and 610, I was standing on the opposite side of where the hole was being dug to ensure that people walking on the side walk would not get hit by debris, rocks, etc. Instead of Tona Williams watching the oncoming traffic where she was assigned to be, she decides to come on the other side of the dump truck that was being loaded and tell me that I can’t be talking with another co-worker who was standing near me. I said okay and immediately walked on the other side of the truck leaving the blind spot. Soon after a student from Everest Institute walked down the sidewalk where I was recently standing and monitoring and was exposed to a potential safety risk. On that same day, I witnessed Tona Williams 2 male relatives visit her on the job site – where they fraternized for nearly 20 minutes.

8. Tona Williams rushed to place barricades up knowing that it would prevent me from putting the dump truck in place. Tona Williams stated to another employee that “I’m about to put this barricade up and walk off soon as I put it up cause I ain’t letting Woods in” – “He can go around”! Cojj was attempting to let me come through but she stopped him from doing so. Then my crew leader Patrick had to instruct her in a firm manner to allow me to come through so that I could set up and dump the limestone needed for that hole located on Ebtide Street. This is only a partial list of incidents that has occurred since I’ve been employed with the City of Houston as a temporary worker and feel that it is becoming a problem so much that it has begun to interfere with my desire to come to work and perform my required job assignment duties.

Let the Deputy Director – Erik Dargan know that you want the 2nd Chance Program not to be abused by rogue employees and/or managers and you want action taken against this kind of behavior in the workplace.


Department Of Public Works And Engineering

Street and Drainage Division

Erik K. Dargan, Deputy Director

611 Walker, Houston, Texas 77002

Phone: 832.395.2500





Public Policy Director,

Roderick Muhammad


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