Straight Outta Compton

HOUSTON-It is now 27 years since the controversial album Straight Outta Compton debut worldwide by the hip-hop group known as N.W.A. (Niggas With Attitudes). Group members Eazy-E, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, MC Ren, and DJ Yella undoubtedly were the pioneers of “gangsta rap” and/or garnered the most impact on society at-large with their unapologetic lyrical assault on wax. 

Which brings us to the point of where we are today with violence in society; black-on-black crime and cops killing black men at an alarming rate, with seemingly no end in site. N.W.A. and  the Straight Outta Compton album reached double platinum in record sales but quickly attracted the attention of the LAPD, U.S. Senators, the F.B.I., and even the United States Secret Service.

Will the resurgence of the new movie be a positive step in the right direction for hip-hop artists freedom of expression, or will the movie be held responsible for the violence in society? Right now in america there are so many blacks killing blacks and police killing blacks – that will make anybody ask why are we committing these type of hienious crimes on each other. As a result of police killing black men on a more frequent basis, a #blackliveslivematter movement has kicked off around the country and on social media.

The movie has recieved major press from media sources such as: USA Today, Huffington Post,, ABC News, Fox News, LA Times, Hollywood Reporter, The Guardian, Toronto Sun, and The Washington Post. One writer from The Guardian News says that Compton is “A neighbourhood so notorious it needs no elaboration”. Well, maybe it does!

Compton, like many other disenfranchised black communities throughout America is riddled with poverty and those who are systematically mis-educated, to say the least. However, even a fool can see that a lack of Justice is being withheld from these very people who really don’t have much of any adequate resources to help themselves. So if we’re living in a time when humanity has fallen into a demoralized and savage-like condition, then “How does the movie Straight Outta Compton alleviate the pain in da hood and “How does it help the Black Cry for Justice” in society”?

Many in society are fed up with the way their communities are being destroyed and want a real change. Inspired by the movie, Hip-Hop mogul and sensational music producer Dr. Dre “The Billionaire” has released his album titled; Compton, The Soundtrack and says he will donate the proceeds back to the City of Compton as charity. Will this generous act really help in the Universal Cry for Justice?

Whether or not you’re Straight Outta Compton, Houston, Chi-Town, Bronx, Dade County or BankHead, there is a loud cry for justice from not only black people, but hispanics, and whites are at the forefront speaking out for the cause of Justice. “No Justice – No Peace” is the chant at many rallies. Is this the reason we have Niggas With Attitudes coming Straight Outta the Ghettoes of America because there is No Justice. How will this problem be fully resolved?

Can Straight Outta Compton serve as a starting point for the Justice Department to implement a plan for giving justice to black people and others who have been deprived of it? Will the movie incite more Niggas With Attitudes to scream Fuck Da Police or adopt the notion that a Bitch Iz A Bitch? How will the world-at-large look at these Niggas With Attitudes? Will the Great Corporate Employers return back to the inner-city communities to provide employment to young black and hispanics. Who’s idea was it to make the movie and to whom will receive the most benefit?


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