Houston App Developer Discuss the Making of The Final Call Newspaper App

Please tell us something about yourself.

I am a Certified App Developer for the Apple Store and Google Play. I am now working at The 45 Connect and Label Manager at Dynamyte Records, a digital music distribution service for indie artists and music producers.

How did you come into app development?

My wife said to me one day that, “You should start developing apps”! Since I never came close to studying computer science, I thought it was impossible. One day I was researching something from Adobe.com where I became aware of the technology and method of developing these newspaper-magazine apps.

When did you acquire the concept for developing the Final Call Newspaper App?

Approximately 4 or 5 years from today Allah (God) blessed me with the idea to develop a Newspaper App for the Final Call Newspaper. I saw all of the “big” newspapers such as; New York Times, US Weekly, Time Inc., Vogue and many others utilizing new technology that allowed them to develop what we call “a better than print” experience. So, I believed without a doubt that if anybody deserved a Newspaper App, then why not the Final Call Newspaper?

What is the Final Call Newspaper App?

The Final Call Newspaper App is a demo app. Apple don’t like that term but that is what it is. It was developed with the intent to generate interest from the FCN Staff and key decision makers in Chicago. What we were shooting for was to get the green light to start building the completed version of the demo. We’re talking HTML 5 video Streaming of Minister Louis Farrakhan’s videos, a full-scale Subscription Program, Hyperlinks, Social Network Sharing, high-resolution photos, and desktop compatibility (users can download the app from www.finalcall.com).

In addition to those features, the completed app would be exposed to nearly 300,000,000 million weekly readers from around the world in 150 countries. Readers would be able to download the Final Call Newspaper App from the Apple App Store. A version for Google Play was in the making as well. We were going for a Newspaper App that would touch nearly everybody from around the world because it would be offered in 40 languages.

What is the condition of app development in Houston?

As I see it, the condition of app development in this city is slower than what friends of mine are able to do in Palo Alto, California (Silicon Valley). Sometimes, I get calls from individuals that learned about me from LinkedIn. I believe that many people are beginning to get inspired to develop a new app but lack the budget and resources to pull it off.

What kind of apps do you like to develop?

I specialize in developing interactive Newspaper-Magazine apps. I have 3 apps featured in the Apple App Store right now. They are CG Style Magazine, Dynamyte, and The Final Call Newspaper.

What about your future plans?

Well, I have an idea for a new game app that is a cross between schools and the popular game known as street fighter. I’m also looking at developing a new app with tvOS for the new Apple TV – it will allow users to stream new media. I also work with a team of Software Engineers that developed social networking apps that have around 200 million subscribers called Badoo, they also developed the Zoosk app as well. I hope to get the City of Houston stirred up with technology for small businesses.



The Final Call Newspaper App is only a demo and is not intended to be used for commercial purposes. The Final Call News App is a Single-Edition iPad App! and can only be downloaded from the Apple App Store on a iOS tablet device. This app is a Free app and was Released: Jan 21, 2015, Version: 1.0 © “2014 FCN Publishing”. It was developed by Roderick Woods.



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