(For the purpose and investigative use of

Inspector General’s Office,

Houston City Council, and EEOC)

Part 1 of 3

By: Roderick L. Woods


I am writing this letter to report what I believe to be a vast degree of unequal treatment – a deviation from the City Of Houston, Texas, Ordinance No. 2014-530 policy. It is my belief that some member(s) of management, along with Human Resource personnel have intentionally delayed and/or plan to deny me full-time employment with the City of Houston, so that management can unfairly promote employees that are amongst their “favorites”.

Atleast three management “favorites” have been selected and promoted to Equipment Operator III, a position that I have been anxiously seeking for nearly a year. The three employees consist of Dewey Pruitt – whose mother works directly under Erik Dargan, Deputy Director, Henry, and Perry Smith. My issue is that Mr. Pruitt, a Cement Finisher (skilled laborer) recently obtained full-time status after returning back to the City Of Houston from being incarcerated for the second time. Because he is a management “favorite”, with their “backing”, Mr. Pruitt has been promoted to an Equipment Operator III position, which cleverly allots him a significant pay increase as well. This second promotion comes within a very short duration, following just months after Mr. Pruitt received full-time status. Then you have Henry who’s primary function is utilizing the saw to cut the streets. He too has jumped into his new position as Equipment Operator III.

The third person known as Perry Smith was promoted to Equipment Operator III after just four months of employment as a “temp” working through A-1 Personnel. Unlike Henry, Perry Smith doesn’t operate any additional equipment except the dump truck he is assigned each day. Hiring Perry Smith at just around four months is in contradiction to what Shauna Whitfield, a Human Resource person had explained to me. I was told by Ms. Whitfield that I would work through A-1 Personnel for six months as a temporary employee “to get some training” and then be brought in full-time in spite of the fact that I have verifiable over-the-road commercial driving history with SWIFT Transportation.

I am currently functioning as an Equipment Operator and have learned to operate the Front-end Loader to load my dump truck with limestone required for our assignments as well as loading other vehicles with dirt for their assignments, on a regular basis. However, my frustration is centered on the idea that the opportunity for full-time employment has yet to come.


I can be reached for further questions or insight about these allegations in person, via

telephone, or email.




Equipment Worker I

Roderick Lucian Woods

Employee#: TE3923

T: 346-218-9422



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